V.P Chiwenga Advocates Innovation and Economic Growth at ZITF Conference

Written by on April 24, 2024

Vice President Dr Constantino D.N.G Chiwenga delivered a compelling keynote address at the International Business Exhibition held at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair. Running under the theme “Innovation the catalyst for Industrialization and Trade,” the Vice President emphasized the pivotal role of innovation and technology in revolutionizing industries.

Vice President Chiwenga highlighted the government’s commitment to digital infrastructure and enhanced connectivity, lauding the significant progress made in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

He announced the rollout of e-government systems aimed at improving service delivery and enhancing transparency.

Speaking on the recently introduced Zimbabwean Gold-Backed Bond (ZiG),he introduced it as a groundbreaking initiative in the country’s de-dollarization efforts.

ZiG, supported primarily by gold and other national minerals, is poised to stimulate growth, boost competitiveness in the global market, and address inflationary pressures. He urged the private sector to embrace innovation and collaborate with the government, particularly in vital sectors such as tourism, education, and mining, to develop robust value chains.

Vice President Chiwenga called for unified support to ensure the well-being of all Zimbabweans. With the anticipated impact of El Nino on agricultural production, he highlighted government initiatives, including increased irrigation hectarage, promotion of winter crop production, and measures to enhance value addition in the mining sector.

He also expressed confidence in the nation’s economic growth and emphasized the importance of collaboration among academia, the private sector, and the government to seize opportunities and foster sustainable development.

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