Fake US$20 notes surfaces

Written by on April 3, 2024

A 29-YEAR-OLD Plumtree man who went on a beer buying spree using fake US$20 notes in Matebeleland South province’s Matobo area last week appeared before magistrate Joshua Nembaware facing robbery and fraud charges.

The accused, Passmore Mbano was denied bail and will return to court on April 4.

According to court papers, on February 6, Mbano allegedly broke into Eunice Dube (28)’s house in Matobo armed with a machete and an electric shocker and demanded money from her.

It is alleged that he used the electric shocker to torture Dube, who then surrendered US$3 000 and cellphones to him.

On the other count, Mbano, in the company of three other unidentified men, went to Matobo Rock Motel and bought an assortment of beers using a fake US$20 note.

Using the same modus operandi, Mbano bought beers at several bottle stores using fake money.

A police report was filed, leading to the arrest of the accused at a tuckshop at Arizona mine, where he had bought groceries using more fake US$20 notes.

Selestine Madziwa represented the State.

Source – southern eye

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