Name: Ashley Morgen                                                                                                                               

Position: Marketing Executive

Qualification: Bcomm Honours Degree in Marketing (Upper Second class division)


Breeze FM Marketing portfolio

Breeze FM prides itself in offering a well tiled and crafted service which is a bridge between the anticipated revenue generation, market share maximization and the market (audience) itself. Our approach to radio gives a unique marketing mix that aims to elevate the marketing stance of business and suit different product portfolios with its respective life stages. Our radio marketing campaigns focus on building a positive energy& aura around the brands, retaining relationships to then enhance value. Breeze FM team does this by clearly understanding the client’s unique needs and allowing flexibility with our rates so as to create and lay foundation to long-term partnerships that continually unlock value.

Our radio personalities and creativity team are keen on taking up ambassadorial roles in a bid to build brand awareness and visibility for our clients. Advertising with Breeze FM allows additional value through our talented, innovative and very professional personnel who will uplift the radio advertising campaigns with confidence and style.

Our content is customarily made to suit the local market and respond to local market stimuli. Content creation and production is a key factor to our campaign drives so as achieve relevancy and obtain the best results. The aim is to interact and transform with the dynamic corporate world synced with radio advertising which has been celebrated for over a century however being leaders of the new school radio.

The radio station broadcasts to the wide and cosmopolitan audience within the 60-100 KM radius from Victoria Falls. The broadcasting radius covers the urban and rural areas that surround the area. According to internal research Breeze FM reaches out to more than 25 000 listeners in Victoria Falls and close to 20 000 in Hwange Urban and Rural areas. Our coverage also extends into Zambia Livingstone giving an international market reach advantage as Zambia and Zimbabwe have a very closely knit trading relationship. Our clientele is not centrally in Vicfalls but all organisations across Zimbabwe.


My Views

To achieve significant growth a stable level of consistency should be maintained, treating each client differently and respective to their dynamic needs and wants. A key factor to note is the economic variables we exist in; Flexibility and adaptability are a great way to development as the Marketing world constantly evolves.